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The Farmhouse

Large original farm house circa 1890's. Basement poured 1984 (full house) and complete renovations of whole house (insulating, new electrical wires and outlets, new copper pipes for hotwater heat etc). Large addition of master bed, bathroom, sunroom, basement 1990's. Tropical storm Fiona of September 2022 felled three large poplars surrounding the house, causing some damage. The farmhouse deck has been removed as a result and will be replaced. Two more large trees were removed as insurance against future storms. These elements now look different than what you see in photographs; the only tree currently standing is on the east side of the farmhouse, by the driveway.

  • 7' basement whole house

  • Every wall and ceiling fully insulated

  • Plumbing prepared to be extended to add additional bathrooms in old part of house (for BNB/renting)

  • 4x6 electric sauna in basement

  • Metal roof

  • 2012 new electrical panel for exisiting 200amp service

  • Generator hook-up for well only

  • Oil hot water heat to cast iron radiators

  • Electric baseboard heaters

  • Non-functioning heatpump

  • Woodstove 38,000 btu

  • Secondary kitchen installed 2020 at road end of house (electric range, minifridge, sink)

The Apartment

To tour the main floor of the independent apartment, go to the Main House Tour and click on the 360 circles inside the boot room on the 2nd floor of the main house.

  • Built in 1995.

  • Infloor heating with electric boiler

  • Fully insulated

  • Metal roof 2015

  • Separate 200amp service (for everything but house)

  • Hook up for water and drain (commercial kitchen possibility)

Processing Building

(& enlarging of apartment 2013)

  • 2 full bathrooms added (one in apartment, one to use for staff with separate entrance)

  • Entry room

  • Additional septic tank added leading to existing septic field

  • Processing room of 25x30 approx.

  • 11x12 walk-in cooler with sturdy shelfing

  • Commercial sinks

  • Secondary electrical panel added (generator plug in)

The Cabin

  • Converted construction trailer 8x 25'. Renovated in 2019.

  • Insulated (R7-10)

  • Wood stove

  • Kitchenette with propane stove

  • 60amp electrical service from farm

  • Entry room with utility

  • Metal roof

  • Outdoor shower and outhouse


Fiona damaged the workshop, which we plan to repair. It may look different than what you see in photos, with different features than what is listed here.

  • Built 1993

  • One story with 2 skylights

  • Insulated

  • Metal roof

  • 30amp electrical service